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01.10.02 01:14 PM

the speculative fiction i promised

So I promised you some speculative fiction. The stories are based on real characters and a few real events, so don't go thinking that I'm a lunatic of some sort.

Here they go:

Series 1:

Installment 1: Sleeping with a Hacker

Installment 2: Supreme Mathematics

Series 2:

Installment 1: Egyptian extra terrestrials?

Installment 2: Civilization on Mars and other such mysteries

11:27:00 AM
Folks keep telling me to get some kind of blogger content management tool to manage this diary. Sometimes I think I should, but other times, I feel it would end up looking like a site within a site. It would just be totally different. I tried to start a blog about music before, but I just didn't have the time to keep it up. Well, I'm still thinking about making this a dynamic blog, or simply starting a new site. I'm currently reviewing all of these tools: Blogger, Movable Type, and Grey Matter. And Blogspot is a free blog hosting service, if you have no domain or host for your blog. If you think I should use one of these tools to manage my blog, holla', and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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