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01.09.02 08:18 PM

the PDFs are gone

I've basically taken all the PDFs off the site. Had links to PDFs of some print articles, and there was a hidden html page with all my finals from this semester. Today, I reconsidered the PDFs. There were some stories I had written—a bit of fact meets speculative fiction type pieces—while working at that I am really proud of. So much so, I want to share them with you. I was going to attach them to this post, but I don't know yet.

I had the most god awful pizza today, and it's a shame because Neuva York is known for pizza. This stuff not only burnt the roof of my mouth, it had no taste whatsoever. And the crust, oh, let's not talk about the crust. It was the taste of uncooked dough. God awful I tell ya'. And the damn place was crowded too. I also visited the library annex on 5th Avenue today. Now I know where all the homeless folks hang out. There they were, reading books and newspapers, looking at classifieds. Some, just chilling. I don't know what to make of it. Perhaps the weather brought them inside. There was a bunch of other folks, just sitting around. Just hanging, doing nothing. It's been awhile since I've been to the library. I was doing some research, but also decided to see if this Mid Manhattan main NYPL home had any Octavia Butler and Samuel Delany. Well, two books apiece. What did I expect? Who wants to acknowledge that African-Americans can write science fiction. While there, I did see a copy of Nalo Hopkinson's first book as well. Yes, I said "a" copy. Only one.

"What the hell is that pic," you're asking? Well accroding to the BBC and this optical telescopic view, stars burst into existence dramatically and suddenly. The views were obtained by a SUNY Stony Brook professor, and if his findings are! What is the wow in that? Really? Did we expect that stars came about any other way than through firestorms. Or did we just think man made them, as we somehow believe about most things. Anyway, it's an exciting discovery for the scientific community. I just think the views are awesome. Kinda' looks like an embryonic sac of some sort.

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