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01.10.02 06:47 PM

"Break Ya Neck"

Busta Rhymes
"Break Ya Neck"

Yea.. Check it out, see/ The only thing you need to do right here is/ Is nod your fuckin head/ Yeah, yeah/ Break ya fuckin neck bitches/ Yeah, yeah/ Here we go now..

(Please, do not think I condone Busta's expletives, especially the one that refrences women. But hey, you gotta' admit, it's a banging beat. And Busta's rapid-fire delivery...superdopalistic. Word! Check Harry Allen's review in the Village Voice.)

Things don't get no better than this: I've been playing around with things a little bit too much today. I know I have loads of other things that I have to accomplish and the night is wearing on. Just gotta' get back into work mode...NOW! Can't help it, I'm just a girl interrupted by life. I've got enough posts in here to make up for all the times that I didn't post. But ooooo, the work is calling me. I can hear it now. "Lynne!" "Lynne!" "Get to work, dabnabit!" BTW, that's me over there. I know, the images don't really go together well. Like I said, I was playing around. One of the things I am working on today has to do with the future of music, and along comes The New York Times, just when I needed it. I vote for musicians needing no record companies to get their product to their fans. How about you? I'm also working on something that has to do with hip-hop battles, but more on that later. I'm outta' here, don't look for me anymore today.

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