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01.18.08 06:55 AM

Finding for Windows Mobile While Lusting to Upgrade My HTC

The surprise that was mine when I happened upon this latest app for my Tmobile HTC Wing. It's interesting how I happened upon it though. I was actually searching for a list of all the software I had used when I turned my Wing into a quasi Touch/iPhone. Eventually, I had to take all of that software off because it was constantly eating up my memory.

Some of the tools I used to turn the Wing into a Touch:
First, a friend led me to the xda developers forum, where I came across HTC Touch - New Files For Our Wizards. Those files were huge, but my Today screen was the same experience as the Touch, as was my phone dialer, and CommManager. Prior to that, I was using Slide 2 Unlock, which somewhat emulates an iPhone home screen. Anyway, I also wanted similar keyboard and address book experiences as the iPhone, so I  used  the PocketCM Keyboard and the PocketCM Contacts. Why not just buy an iPhone you ask -- it's because I was really in love with my Wing and was even more in love with the idea of the HTC Touch.


It was a really great experience, but unfortunately all of those hacks would cause my phone to freeze, so I eventually pared down to just the Contacts app. It's not so much that the files were massive beasts, but running as programs they tended to eat up memory like a seagull eats up trash off the beach. But I eventually took that off also, as I constantly had to check for upgrades  in order to have the most stable product.  Doing all of this to my phone sort of took over my life for a good long while. That was another reason I had to finally take all of the apps off. I was too obsessed with them.

Anyway, as I was reviewing my experience with my Wing, I remembered that a while back I asked, "When WIll T-Mobile Get the HTC Touch?" So today, as I reminisced about my almost HTC Touch, I came across a few blogs that said that HTC Touch Dual goes to T-Mobile UK as the Touch Plus (it's also in Germany). This isn't bad news, in fact, it means that I could probably get my T-Mobile SIM to work in a Touch Plus, if I could only get my hands on one.

And just like everything else that happens to me, I started flying off on tangents while thinking about all this HTC Touch business. And then it caught my eye...

pocket pc Mobile v1.4 freeware for Windows Mobile, with full support and download options from the Mobile discussion group. Not that I listen to much music on my Wing, because I still carry my iPod. But just for the purposes of giving this app a test run, I just might start, especially since in the past year I've had 2 or 3 iPods completely die on me (thanks for that Apple Care huh?) It's funny, I'm a Mac user down to my core, but ever since I used the MDA, and then upgraded to the Wing, I've found it in my heart to love a Windows product. I've heard people complain about both, but I've had no problems especially once I added extra memory to the phone in the expansion slot.

I browse the Web from my phone, check email, and conduct online social networking activities probably even more than I actually use the device as a phone. And then, I'm always testing out new apps on it. In fact, once Agile Messenger stopped being free and my annual to WebMessenger ran out, I just recently started using OctroTalk a mobile messaging client that's always on connected to Google Talk/Jabber with MSN, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo transports and features complete VOIP product. It's still in beta, but I actually like it a lot better than the other two, because it doesn't attempt to have all the bells and whistles that a desktop client does (obviously I think the other two tried to mimic a desktop client a little too much). Besides, this one has file transfer.

So that's it. That's how I discovered mobile. And since I've put this much into this post about it, I guess I'll download it, install it on the ol' device and let you know how it works out next week.

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