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07.09.07 11:10 AM

When WIll T-Mobile Get the HTC Touch?

A short while ago, I upgraded from an MDA to a Wing, and though I enjoy the experience, I'm not a big Windows fan. Never have been, though I run the OS on parallels on my MacBook Pro. It's just that in my business, you have to have access to all Web browsers in all OSes. But that's another story for another time.

Back to this mobile phone thing. It would seem likely, that I'd be a good candidate for an iPhone. I was an early adopter of the iPod, and in fact still own my first generation -- though it's click wheel no longer works properly. I've been using Macs, since Macs existed. So why am I playing around with these Windows Mobile devices?

Truth is, it's what my carrier, T-Mobile carries, so it's what I'm going with. And there are ways I can make my Wing imitate an iPhone experience.

First, there's lifehacker's tip for skinning the Windows Mobile device to make it more like an iPhone.

Then there's iContact freeware to add iPhone scrolling like capabilities to your contacts on your windows mobile device.

But really, I'd just rather wait until T-Mobile picks up the HTC Touch as seen in the video below. (HTC made both the MDA and the Wing.)

I've been watching this video on repeat now, for about a month. But like my concerns about the iPhone, I wonder if a touch-screen experience is really going to enable me to accomplish the work tasks I'm used to accomplishing on my device.

As for Verizon users, there's an iPhone like phone in the works as well.

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