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01.16.08 03:39 PM

Music/Media Reads for 01.16.2008

Here's my take on what I've been reading online today. There's a connection between all of this: the writer's strike and its effect on television programming, so then where the future of programming goes online, while big studio movie rentals becomes easier and easier, as file-sharing in Sweden goes to court to become legal, and the recording industry continues to struggle with its declining sales. And let's not blame declining sales on rappers supposed use of steroids please.

But instead of writing some lengthy essay-ish read of all that's happening with music and media, I opt instead for the ease of a link blog post.

  • Facebook asked to pull Scrabulous
    From what I can tell, Scrabulous has somewhat become FB. Most people I know login specifically to play that game. What will they do now? Will FB lose traffic? Of course there's a fan protest afoot.
  • Winfrey to start own TV network
    As if she needed to do anything else to solidify her stronghold on media. I'm just interested in seeing what this means for
  • Jeepers, Rappers, Where’d You Get Those Arms and Torsos?
    Jeff Chang said it best: “Not just the music industry, but a whole range of consumer products. Your body is your brand and you’ve got to maintain that image. The machoness and braggadoccio, that’s always been a part of hip-hop. What’s different at the highest levels of the money game in hip-hop is the size of it all.”
  • 'American Idol' Premiere Lowest Rated in Four Years
    Idol is down, but still a winner for top viewed on its night. But seriously, I'm thinking, can we expect all this reality madness to uphold forever? Aren't people going to want to start to see real shows again? With this writer's strike, reality TV appears to be the go-to guy for a solution. I see us ending up with a lot of bad programming. Can't we get more shows like The Wire on TV?
  • Hoop Dreams
    Personally, I think it's about time that the NBA came up with a global marketing strategy to take on Soccer.
  • Big Cuts Planned at EMI
    Trust me, the era of the independents is coming "again" soon. As CD sales continue to drop, more major label M&As take place, and more layoffs like this happen, only independents with a clear digital strategy that puts the consumer first is going to win.
  • Swedish Politicians Push for Legalization of File-Sharing
    Forward thinking in Sweden slaps copyright restrictions in the face. If file-sharing becomes legal in Sweden, will other countries follow suit? Will someone finally figure out a way to monetize the way the industry has been moving for years, or will the music industry continue to push the status quo and lose?
  • Netflix Now Offers Subscribers Unlimited Streaming of Movies and TV Shows on Their PCs for Same Monthly Fee
    Take that Apple. Netflix still owns this movie game.

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