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06.28.06 12:50 AM

blogging and mobile tools to check out

flock browser
I hadn't even heard of it until I read about it over at nasty bastard. I haven't had time to give it a whirl, but it's supposed to make a bloggers life easier. Why?

  • drag and drop photo publishing
  • alerts you that your friends have uploaded photos to flickr
  • searches more than one search engine
  • built in rss reader
  • grab snippets of text, photos, add tags (organized into one place to "blog this")
  • star your favorites

Agile Messenger
Ever since I bought my MDA, I had problems IMing. Tmobile was working on the issue with AIM and also with Yahoo as this appeared to be a problem for all MDA owners. I never got any resolve until recently when a Tmobile rep first rebooted my network settings and then told me that perhaps I had too many buddies in my list and I should create a separate screen name for use on my MDA. I did that, but it didn't satisfy my excessive IMing habit. I had to start a new buddy list (or alert buddies that I had another screen name for mobile - but why should I have to when I've been using the same screen name for at least six years?) Tmobile may not have it together just yet, but I do...

John told me about agile a while ago, but it took me forever to try it and when I first did I wasn't installing it on the MDA properly. This week I did, and I'm finding that Agile is like Trillian, Fire, and Adium all rolled into one for Pocket PCs. In no time I was signed into AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and Google Talk all-at-once. And those aren't the only services available through the service.

Tagworld Web Widgets
I've been remiss about posting an extremely long post about Tagworld and how it could definitely be the myspace killer. But that post is on the back burner until I write my other extremely long post about the new wave of social networking and how it differs from the social networking of Web 1.0 and pre-Web 1.0 (like back in the days of BBS and MUD).

But let me not digress...

First of all, the fact that Tagworld Widgets work with other services like myspace, ebay, Xanga, and friendster, to name a few, is a killer tactic. When Mac users hear the word widget...they're always thinking desktop widgets for Mac OS, but Tagworld's Widgets are tools that enable you to add content to your web pages.

Among the many widgets being developed through the open API are the following:

  • Video Recorder
  • Daily Horoscope
  • Tagworld Most Popular Videos
  • Photo Album
  • Slide Show

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