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03.06.04 09:57 PM

where da ladies at? stand up...

man e'rr now and then, since doing this thing since the '01 it gets a lil' bit hard to come up with freshness. so i decided to scope 'round the 'sphere and see what the hell all y'all talking 'bout. well, what the ladies are talking about. after last sunday meeting up with some blog gentleman, i realize i have to bring more of the ladies into my cypha'. i've been reading all y'all for awhile, but you probably didn't even know it. and hopefully i've mistaken no men for women here (not e'rrbody puts up an about me, a picture, or a personal entry). sometimes i gotta' go with a gut feeling about what appears to be written by a female.

roll out...

cecily, always the most fascinating of the technoliterati, intrdouces us to her side blog that documents her research into the future of digital libraries.

unfortunately, anitra hasn't posted since feb 10, but as usual this post reveals a woman who definitely has a way with words, and who can tell a story from the heart.

steph uses her new digs, studpoet to ponder racism and accountability. after reading the entry, i'm surprised that there's only one comment there.

brick contemplates what life really means.

monique is missing in action. life's been very all-encompassing for this lady as of late.

like monique bonetta has also been MIA a lot lately. she's posting here-and-there, but if you used to read her in the good old days, man, you'd understand why i'm missing her.

and speaking of MIA, trayc is still on summer vacation.

while thinking of summer vacations, i also noticed that toni ain't been around in a minute.

at least i know for sure that rashunda's absence is credited to being on the road and in the air.

nakachi is hoping her brother and his girlfriend get their lives together. for selfish reasons only, i'm going to ask her if i can help her make an rss feed, so i can add her to my aggregator. it's harder to keep up with that links list i have over there @ blogfam.

alexis gets really personal. she used to talk a lot about sex, and the voyeurs ate that shit up. she still deals with the body politic, and in a sense has grown a sense of navel appreciation.

nappi has been kind of on again off again with the blog, but always a pleasure to read when she is around.

vain-glorious is over there talking about how most of the advance on her income tax return is already accounted for and how she's going to spend the rest.

nekaybaaw recently lost her gig, so she hasn't really been saying much.

lauren hasn't been saying much for a minute, but if her archives are there, you know she always had lots to say. she was down with that whole blog date debacle. sorry i brought that up. but that was big. anyway, i hear she might be a neighbor of mine soon.

thelovebelow gets deep into blogging personas (characters), folks need to be who they are not. she also talks a lil' bit about a friend who had the nerve to email her that she might be pregnant, which thelovebelow feels may not be such a good thing.

sunray has got a newly designed site, and it's banging i might say, courtesy of nova, btw, nova took hip-hop to the max in his own new personal design. but anyway, sunray talks about celebrating her son's 5th berfday and where a kid can just simply be a kid.

alissa is really over that martha stewart bizness.

afrochelle ain't been blogging lately, but wants folks to know there's lots to talk about so she'll return to her regular posting schedule soon.

cheryl coward is all about the music right now and she's trying to win some of those free pepsi iTunes downloads.

adiktd had fun last night and she's got the pictures to prove it.

kim is this young writer on the come up and she goes by the blog name of afrochic. her entries are always intelligent and witty. in her last post she's talking about dreams. she's also another one who could use an rss feed. but i'm only saying. what? i'm being selfish again.

swirlspice hipped me to the adorkable ring. not sure i'll join it, but it's interesting.

bodyandsoul, man, this is the kind of writer you need to read every day. in this latest post she writes a moving piece about the unnecessary detainment of iraqui prisoners. the way she keeps going back to this 11-year-old, and the comments that are attached to the post, man, i'm awe struck.

jilanda is inspired by Greg Levoy. and it's a quote we might all need to get our inner clocks working properly at times.

lashundra really got all creative on a friday meme in her last entry.

renaissancesistah titles her entry blah, blah, blah, to convey her random thoughts of the day. she's got her fav song, for now anyway, a meme, and discussion about the passion of the christ.

saucydame wonders whether ms. badu is pulling another publicity stunt. her belly is swole, it appears in concert and pics, and according to her label, but who the father is remains a mystery. man she could be faking the whole thing. she did have us all believing she had 'locs.

lisa over at ghettointellect has some choice words for couch potatoes, well especially those who can only blog through the inspiration of the remote control. she's also got a few words for mama's boys. and she loves ursher's new video.

this other lisa is moving on. and can i just say how happy i am you picked up that little atomz feed from blogger.

michelle is on a path as usual. she's making choices about seeing mom instead of dad, and she thinks she's a bad child b/c of it. you're not. no really, you're not.

like i said, i met up with some bloggers last week, and i was the only female in the place, and it kind of left me wondering about my own relationships and whether i gravitate toward males or females more. maybe on some level it's me, but maybe also it's that women aren't interacting with me on the same level as fellas are, and then i have to wonder why that is.

so if you are a chick, ok a woman, and you know i read your blog, but i missed you, or if you just happen to stop by here and comment and i missed you, or you stop by and say nothing and i missed you, holla'. leave your signature in the comments. it's really time for the ladies to rep in this blog universe.

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