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03.07.04 07:26 PM

it was so nice i had to do it twice...

i copped it from jason who was inspired by sh0nuff and also saw the meme here, here, and here, and then after i did it, ronn and cecily did it too. so here i am again with it, but with samples (which might be a bad idea) and i'm only going for 10 joints this time (with the music samples i should probably only go for 5). i might have to do this every week.

and so it goes...

1. fire up iTunes
2. turn on shuffle from library to randomly play all songs
3. list the first 10 joints that pop - no matter how embarrasing

"Paid in Full" - Eric B. & Rakim

"Manhood (Remix)" - Viketer Duplaix

"Way Out" - Slave (featuring Steve Arrington)

"International Affair" - Mark Ronson (featuring Sean Paul and Tweet)

"50 Shot Ya" - DJ Kay Slay (featuring 50 Cent)

"That's The Way Love Is (Deep House Mix)" - Ten City

"Girlfriend" - B2K

"Be Thankful For What You Got" - William De Vaughan

"Babies Makin' Babies" - Sly & The Family Stone

"Redman Meets Reggie Noble" - Redman

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