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03.03.04 07:07 PM


now e'rrbody in the club gettin' tipsy...

there is this really weird thing about me. i always end up liking songs that i have no bid'ness liking. it's basically about melody. i could care less what jkwon is spitting. mama loves to dance. and not just some old silly two-step, ta daa, back-and-forth. i do dat real ish - *visualize* - missy's "i'm really hot" video. yeppers, that'd be me. so it's like this, mama grew up in the boogie down - like many moons ago, and breakdancing and poplocking was basically first things she learned to do. so though mama gettin' old she still gots lots of that in her.

so it's like this. certain songs come on and i can feel myself in a video. no joking. k, my on-the-floor moves ain't what they used to be, i'm talking about me down on the floor, floor moves — helicopters and stuff. but standing up, maaaan. and i'm not being big headed here. perhaps next new york reunion i can drag some folks out dancing so that they can come back and report that it's truth. 'cuz right now all you got is my word.

let's just say, my niece is 13, and she runs her moves by me. she checks me out for moves too. so should i be embarassed? hell naw. so what if i want to st. louis dance, a-town stomp, and alla' that. mama gets down to the house beats too, so it isn't just all about hip-hop. but on the real, i do get caught up in some songs that even some folks in the lower half of their 20s that i know can't get with.

just call me a slave to the hpnotiq-kickin' rhythms.

1, here comes the 2 to the 3 to the 4...

now e'rrbody in the club gettin' tipsy.

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