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04.29.03 10:40 PM

sticky cries racism

Tonight on UPN news, Platinum star and rapper Sticky said that he'd rather be an actor than a rapper. His reason for veering more toward a celluloid life than a hip-hop one is that rappers are suspect for engaging in criminal activity. Though he feels its not ideal to be a rapper nowadays, he also feels that race is one of the biggest issues in unwarranted profiling of rappers. Certainly New York's police force is known to have begun a special task force targeting hip-hop stars, and it has also been reported that the FBI has their own special force. Sticky also said that The Sopranos contains more violence than hip-hop, er, Platinum. I do believe that violent deaths in hip-hop, along with ties to illegal monies at urban labels, has brought about strict surveillance of hip-hopreneurs and artists. Perhaps Sticky is right, race might just be an underlying issue.

Interestingly enough the UPN News cast also focused on the DVD release of the Biggie and Tupac documentary, by Nick Bloomfield, which Cynthia Fuchs takes a close look at on PopMatters. One of the reporters interviewed writer Kevin Powell, who discussed the lack of trust in hip-hop for the police. To date, as you all know, the deaths of Biggie, Tupac, and most recently Jam Master Jay are all unsolved. Is there any relationship here? Is it that there is no concern for hip-hop lives, or is it black lives? And does hip-hop carry the onus of "urban" illegal acts primarily b/c most of its makers and biz men are black? Is what is happening in hip-hop any different than what is happening in society at large?

And just in case you wanted to know, this was added to the iPod over the last week:
50 Cent - New Music from The New Breed DVD site
Dwele - Subject site
Madonna - American Life site
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief site and site

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