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04.30.03 10:10 PM

so i've been thinking...

With my new site design, whenever that comes, there may be an indefinite hiatus on diarying/ blogging. I have been reading about William Gibson's decision to not blog until he finishes his next novel, and I so understand it. Every word I put on these pages, could be used in an article that I could get published elsewhere. To tell the truth, this thing I'm doing here robs much of my creative process. It, as well as reading other blogs, takes away much valuable time that I could put into writing the pieces I am working on and other ones that are very underdeveloped (a couple of possible columns) at this time. Since I am an online editor FT, and now teach two classes --- one an exploration of public education and another that discusses the sociology of group behavior in terms of race and ethnicity --- a freelance writer and cultural critic, and have a personal life, well damn, there isn't much time for much else. And I am sure I left some ish out. I have valued the friendships I made, but this blog/diary is a major commitment, as is keeping up with what is going on at other blogs and commenting on them. I also have a few life's goals that I'm just not getting at b/c I spend so much time in front of a computer. And though I need to, for all the work I do, it isn't doing much for my relationship or long-standing friendships with folks in Brook'nam and throughout the tri-state area who don't blog. What's a chick to do?

I do know that I will continue to post somewhat regularly until the long-awaited new site design becomes available. And word is that is any day now. At that time, I might decide to continue this diary thing, but very rarely, or to make it so folks have better access to newly published articles I have written. With those articles, instead of just links, perhaps I will make the entire articles available on my site, and put in a commenting system so folks can provide feedback in that way. It will be very similar to what is going on here, but also a little bit different. Truth is, I started this site two years ago come July, and I just think it's time to take a well-deserved break. It's even kinda' cool to look at the Wayback Machine and see how the site once looked. Damn, I really just want to practice meditation and yoga, find kozmic konsciousness and the perfect beat. Besides I don't think I can really say anything new or interesting right now. And another side of this is that I believe my writing here is not even reflecting my true writing from a writer whom I don't even know anymore. She's lost somewhere and in order to get her jumpstarted, I gotta hit the brakes....hard.

Aight, I am missing Soul Food right now. Diahann Carroll is on. And by the way, Dwele is the next singer to watch out for. Trust me on this kids.

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