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05.02.03 01:24 AM

g slang etymology

Aight so there are several slang words that begin with G, which all connote a similar ideas. I was going to break 'em down for you, but I'd like you to take a stab at identifying 'em. I hope I don't forget any of them. You can add if you'd like. I'll weigh in my opinions later. There's a possibility that an article can be developed from this, so speak up!
1. Gangsta'
2. Gutter
3. Gully
4. Grimey
5. Ghetto
6. Greasy

Question of the day: Did Missy write the lyrics for Madonna's rap in "American Life?"
"I'm drinking a Soy latte/ I get a double shot-ie/ It goes right through my body/ And you know/ I'm satisfied,/ I drive my mini cooper/ And I'm feeling super-dooper/ Yo they tell I'm a trooper/ And you know I'm satisfied/ I do yoga and pilates/ And the room is full of hotties/ So I'm checking out the bodies/ And you know I'm satisfied/ I'm digging on the isotopes/ This metaphysic's shit is dope/ And if all this can give me hope/ You know I'm satisfied/ I got a lawyer and a manager/ An agent and a chef/ Three nannies, an assistant/ And a driver and a jet/ A trainer and a butler/ And a bodyguard or five/ A gardener and a stylist/ Do you think I'm satisfied?/ I'd like to express my extreme point of view/ I'm not Christian and I'm not a Jew/ I'm just living out the American dream/ And I just realized that nothing Is what it seems"

This is why I ask, check Missy's lyrics for "Slide":
"My twinkies looks stanky on the benz/ and don't I gotta look shweet for my mens/ i make em think i got a whole bunch of paper/ and even they the ball player from the lakers/ now faker taker maker holla at cha later/ shake and wake up tell em what to get my ass from Jacobs/ that's the way a real diva like to floss it/ but a car no matter what it costess/ of course its my rolls royce's made dem nosses/ tell you who the muthafuckin' boss is/ I'ma drive and you walkin that's why you talkin/ see the chrome spinning on the wheel stop jockin'/ I'ma let you know real nice and slow I'll be broke as a joke/ if I had to be your ho so po'/ Missy on the rise like the sun if you think/ that I'm done I ain't even begun"

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