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04.10.03 01:03 AM

"Sometimes it snows in April/

"Sometimes it snows in April/ Sometimes I feel so bad, so bad" - Prince

Ten for Ten:
1. The snow here on Monday pretty much set my mood for the week. It's back to a bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder over here.

2. George tells me he signed up for Peaceblogs, and I think you ought to too. That is especially if you are joining us in the April 11th Bloggers for Peace movement. Go download one of their icons and put it on your page the same day you blog for peace. And while you're at it, put your blog on the list of peace blogs over there.
3. Two posts by Jason last week and one by J. really had me thinking. I kept wanting to write something here, but could never quite bring myself to do it. I so feel these issues, especially since I teach
a course
about race and ethnicity. I've lost my train of thought on the issue, and the issue has been commented on very well on both Jason and J's blogs. All I have to say, is I wonder what people mean when they feel that you must be pro-black. And I'm not saying that I am. Nor am I saying that I'm not. But why does it always seem to mean that you must be anti-white? If we're talking biology, there is only one race, and that's human. So when ethnicities mix and breed, it's not like we're going to end up with some sci-fi experiment. And yes, I understand the history of this racist nation. But more and more I see the issues coming down to economics and politics. Does that mean that Russell Simmons won't be racially profiled? Probably not. But you show me some pure blooded American whose family has been here for generations. Damn, even show me a pure blood from any nation. I doubt there are many left.
4. WireTap has begun a series on Music and Activism. By now you should know how we feel about that here. I'm making the happy face.
5. Lately I have read lots of reports about the death of black radio, the death of public radio, probably the death of anything radio that doesn't fit into the transglobal (as opposed to transnational) capitalist line of things. But it's alright. Satellite radio is doing it's thing. And while Clear Channel is XM's largest financial backer, both XM and Sirius are doing interesting things. OK maybe we shouldn't mess with Clear Channel, it has been reported that the company's 1,200 or so stations nationwide support pay-for-play radio. So let's talk about Sirius. On April 15, Sirius will announce, via teleconference, the nation's only 24/7 broadcast entertainment service for the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender community. I find this kind of interesting since the LGBT community seems to have been blacklisted from Yahoo! I received reports that folks who have LGBT groups on Yahoo! have now been relegated to adult content areas. Something about this seems strange. I suppose there are no gay youth, or perhaps youth in general should be forewarned about accessing LGBT groups. C'mon give me a friggin' break.
6. I received an anonymous email the other day that had me a little concerned. It was very militant in tone. Yet, I read the entire three, or thereabouts, paragraphs. Somehow it's militancy piqued my interest. Then, it suggested I follow this link, and I realized it wasn't so bad. At first, because of what I read in the email, I thought it was the alterantive to the KKK. I'm definitely not against anti-racisim movements. Still uncertain, I guess I'll have to join to find out. When a group supports the new Black Panther movement, and even the old Black Panthers don't support the new movement, you just have to watch.
7. Davey D pulled off a really good April Fool's prank, but after careful reading it didn't sound so funny. In many ways, within his humor, there is a little bit of truth. His piece talks about a company that is going to trademark the term hip-hop and anyone who wants to use the term for commercial purposes will herein after have to pay a licensing fee. This is the part that made me kinda' laugh, but kinda', well, pause: "At the end of the press conference Gonahangya explained that he is currently in negotiations with a major broadcast company so that they will have the exclusive rights to the word 'Hip Hop'. Gonahangya declined to name the outlet that he is dealing with, but he did note that should everything work out according to plan this media outlet has vast resources and will set up offices throughout the country and help determine which projects and products will be allowed to use the term 'Hip Hop'. Gonahangya refused to say whether or not it would be an outlet like Clear Channel, Viacom or Emmis that would be determining who can or cannot use the word 'Hip Hop'. "It would be premature for me to give out that information", he said."
8. T. and I went to see City of God Saturday afternoon. It was some real Rio de Janeiro gangster shoot-'em-up type ish. I was both captivated and saddened at the same time. It's all on some poverty breeds crime and violence premise, but within that desparate place there is also room for redemption. The narrator of the story is engulfed in dante's inferno, and yet in it he makes a way out for himself. It took me a couple of days to get the vision of the youthful gangsters out of my head. Those visions definitely had me contemplating the war.
9. I'm mad at Kung Faux. The DVD came in the mail last week, but I didn't have time to watch it. One night while watching MTV 2, at least I think that's what I was watching, I saw a few excerpts from it. Yeah, ok, hip-hop meets kung fu is supposed to be funny, but what I caught on the tube looked like, better yet sounded like, some classic coon meets kung fu. I could be wrong, and my definitive opinion has not been weighed in yet.
10. Though hardcore and I are the ones really pushing this Blogging for Peace movement, you might not see my April 11th blog until later in the weekend. I'm on my way to the EMP Pop Conference to moderate a panel on
Contemporary R&B
. I just can't believe that I'll finally get to meet Cynthia Fuchs. I have admired her work on PopMatters and over at Philadelphia City Paper for quite awhile. I will still try to get my blog for peace up before I go, but I have an early morning flight Friday, and I have been working hard at the slave and at teaching (semester ends next week), as well as keeping some of this other writing I like to do going. There really hasn't been much since the FT gig, the relationship, and teaching again. So you'll understand if you don't see a poem on this site until Sunday? You will, won't you?
Bonus: Donald's bizack. Now where is Trent? Oh yeah, and you should go read The Complete Sexual History of Alexis S., that is if you haven't already.

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