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04.11.03 01:11 AM

blogging for peace

Let us dance no more
Yo, what's up?
How you doing?
Come here often?
Oh yeah
I remember you
We met at this same spot
Even danced a few dances
We danced the Nicaragua
the Grenada
the Panama
the Haiti
Shoot, I even remember we danced
the Vietnam
Boy did we get down
and dirty
What was that for, again?
I mean what was our goal?
Did we hold each other tightly
stare into one another's eyes?
Did we have truth in our step?
Or were we both living a lie?
That's right
I remember now
I was blindfolded
Off my guard
you said if I held your hand
you'd set me free
You weren't interested in making
me your earth
Didn't even want to pimp me
nor cop my jewels
So I stayed in your arms
dancing cheek-to-cheek
me being meek
I wanted to believe in you
As if dancing with you
was going to be my
as if it would change my life
for the better
but after each dance
you lost interest in me
didn't hang around
to see how our intimacy
affected me
you had lifted me off my feet
spun me around
and forgot to plant me
Shoot, your job was done
you had your dance
you had your fun
and, I guess
you won

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