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04.04.03 09:24 PM

it's still peace though

Lamenting the lost email battles, circa Jan 2003, hardcore and I stroked keyboard once more in IM confrontation. You have witnessed this twice before in these here webpages. What is interesting to me is that our virtual personae is so outlandish, so disconnected from our real selves, and yet very much a part of our real selves. We utilize gender and genitalia differences to highlight our bravado. Clever, but it can be viewed as damaging in certain cultural contexts of the relationship between black woman and black man. Unfortunately this is neither of us at our best, but it offers a glimmer of what happens to an oral performance practice when used for other means --- in the commercial game - to outsell, and in our game, like every other freestyle battle - to insult at the utmost extreme and garner the most guffaws. Unfortuantely on saving the AIM session, some text got cut and further tech glitches were encoutered upon transfering from the slave's OSX to the home-based OS 9.2. Right there at the end corey got warmed up and wrecked shop, so my apologizes go out to him. And no it wasn't sabatoge on my part, even some of my lyrics got cut here and there making some of my verses make absolutely no sense. Seriously though, I enjoy our lyrical/written banter. I'll give him a chance to make a comeback next week. Check it out:

The warm up...
Ambiv The Sinful (4:32:05:00 PM): wiggle a pen and snicker, this battle is cylindrical i disrespect, u die, then i reserect you re-birth, re-heat, pause then re-eat you throw you up, waste you, then regurgetate you

lynneluvah (4:33:33:00 PM): i got plenty of rhymes a throwback like plato and bach/ the philosophical lyricist with a classical twist

lynneluvah (4:37:31:00 PM): i stomp you romp you/ hit you with a lyrical twist pardner/ any attempt to circumvent/ for you will be limited pardner/ now i'm a classy lady yes/ when i invent a rhyme/ but i'm in my prime/ i gets freaky with mine/ when i say the last line/ i'm the finisher first/ i'll punish ya/ bone crush ya/ i'm still waiting on yer verse

Ambiv The Sinful (4:39:36:00 PM): stretch my vocal chords, brandish my sword another verbal war throat soars, Core speak scores of dime whores seek the source of the vengeful versese no curses just cursed emcees that die trying to battle with me

It gets better, but for some reason it's where corey's verses disappeared...
lynneluvah (4:40:40:00 PM): now corey lacks vision/ some say he's myopic in view/ i've flowed with a few/ got sick with a few/ and when i'm damaging you/ i pops quips with a few/ bout how i octaned you/ 5th gear lights out/ tonight's bout/ got ripped by me/ i'ma shut your mouth

Ambiv The Sinful (4:49:06:00 PM): no typos/all type of fly hoez/enter my verses/i bend teachers and nurses/it's sick how i do it/i spread the fluid/ not the seamen/ but the sea men/on my pen-man-ship/hardCore's equipped/with skill/pocket of scrilla/fuck with me i'll have to kill ya/the future millionaire/waves be rolling through by hair/like flows be rolling off my tongue/oh yeahhhh

Here is the point in the session where corey ripped it and I wish I could bring it back. He really went for the gender differences here, but...
lynneluvah (4:55:50:00 PM): blood stains on my carpet/ all cuz corey tried to rock it/ said he had heavy artillery in his pocket/ but when he sparked it/ he didn't spark shit/ his verses lacked wit/ so i pulled out my mic going for that 1-2 1-2 dis/ now i tried to warn him/ that vengance was mine/ but he thinks he's god's son the second/ so like a murk he was playing blind/ told him i had a title to uphold/ that i'd damage his soul/ and with that k-o turned his shit blue black then no/ he was like oh no/ as he clutched at his heart/ but dats what you get when god's son the second tries to outbeat alpha and omega from da start

lynneluvah (4:58:59:00 PM): murda this murda that/ i'm gonna go next level and elevate this wack rap/ let the interrogation begin/ i ask all questions first....

lynneluvah (4:59:03:00 PM): damn can'to go/ u stood up strong rounds one thru nine/ but if i let you go one more/ i'ma have to make you bend/ over touch your toes/ i gotta thing for making fake ass nikkas take off their clothes/ butt cheeks exposed/ and drilling something up their anuses/ cuz i ain't afraid to bust/ u right there/ what you think that sounds nasty/ shit i told you i was greasy

I really wished that AIM had saved his last verse so I could be hyped to wipe him on the concrete. Nah, but really, if you were able to see his ability to turn metaphor, and funk the freaky flow, you'd understand. I have to give props where props are due. He didn't want me to post it, said we had reps to uphold, but I told him that perhaps seeing it up here like this would push us to get our weight back up.

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