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03.29.02 09:37 PM

recent publications

If you happen to read The Source or XLR8R, I've got some bit pieces in the current issues available on the newsstands. I'd really like to get into writing longer pieces, but I just don't have all that much time. There will be a few longer pieces coming up in other media outlets in April though.

Here's what I have in the mags:

"Stop the Revolution? Spoken-Word Artist Sarah Jones Sues the FCC," The Source, May '02
"Water it Down," XLR8R, Issue 57, March '02
Reviews: "Fila Brazillia: Jump Leads," XLR8R, Issue 57, March '02

And I've decided to share the entire FB review with you here:

That Fila Brazillia are a decade-long mainstay in fueling the electronica sound is no surprise. With their eighth release, Jump Leads, the Hull-based dynamic duo of Dave McSherry and Steve Cobby push atmospheric beats, ethereal breaks, and lush grooves to new heights. Seamlessly blending live instrumentation with digital concoctions, on this offering FB serves up an 11-track aural soul orgasm that borders closely to spiritualism. Eerily emotive vocals from Steve Edwards on "Spill the Beans," "We Build Arks," "Nightfall," and "The Green Grass Grows of Homegrown," are partly responsible for these mystical manifestations. Yet instrumentalism is still the duo's power, as the uptempo drum-kick funk on "Motown Coppers," "DNA," and "Monk's Utterance," displays. Overall Jump Leads is a splendidly groovy vibe, with a little 2-step experimentation and Africanism mixed in.

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