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03.29.02 07:34 AM

sometimes living is the best medicine

Angel has been a dear in trying to help me get out of my funk. She insists I should not be alone when feeling the way I do. Or simply sitting at home contemplating the past. I mean damn though, I still really want to be with D. But you can not force ish. I just think about it everyday though. Is there anything I can do to change this? Probably not. Or maybe it is simply too soon to say or tell. Anyway, last Saturday we (Angel and I) went to see Tamar-Kali at BAM Cafe and I realized just how much I miss all that black bohemian stuff. Been a long time since I've been in that mix, and it really felt good. Tamar-Kali is a singer and Greg Tate's wife.

Here's what the BAM Cafe program says about Tamar:

Harnessing hardcore-tinged rock with melodic inflections of soul, Tamar-Kali performs Pseudoacoustic Siren Songs, a passionate expression of original material that incorporates intense rock, soul, and alternative music.

Tonight, dream hampton invited Angel to see her film, I Am Ali, at a
screening at Lincoln Center. Think I just might check that out with her. No use sitting around the house as I've been doing. It isn't bringing D. back to me. Also there are no classes tonight. Thank God.

I feel as if I have aged dramatically in the past year, specifically in the past few months. Time to make a change. Start a new regimen. Alter the paradigm.

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