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03.30.02 03:13 PM

continuing living to get out the funk

Last night ended up being pretty cool.'s midnight screening included every Black short film selected for this year's Sundance plus the 2002 category winners of Sundance, Black Hollywood Film Festival and the prestigious Pan African Film Festival of Los Angeles. There were some really great films and now I want to interview dream hampton all the more. Was going to do something for Honey, but they already asked her to write an essay for their "My Life" section. I Am Ali deals with mental health in a way that is very real to me, since I once dated someone who walked down a similar path as the main character played by Ishmael Butler in dream's film. Just wish black folks would talk about mental health issues in the community more. Until we become mentally and spiritually whole, we're never going to see our way clear in this society. All that talk about inclusion and validation (like the Oscars) from the main body, is really not what our problems are all about. Angel and I later got to talking about this with cinematographer, videographer, cultural critic, and visual artist A.J. (Arthur Jaffa: Daughters of the Dust, Malcolm X) and Nicole Moore of the hotness, after the screening. It was a hot discussion that included everything from the Academy Awards, to Buddhism, Zen, and meditation, to the Black Church, to soul music, to religion .vs spirituality, to black mental health, and more.

Only had one class today, so I have lots of time on my hands. Although, I should really start working on my finals and finishing some overdue writing assignments. There are only about two weeks left to the semester. I really look forward to my week off between semesters.

When I stopped by Brooklyn Moon Cafe yesterday, Michael, the proprietor, said he finally got some DJ equipment. He picked up two Pioneer CDJ-100s and a mixer, but said he thought I only spun vinyl so he didn't call me. I told him I'd been messing around with CD mixing a lot lately, so he told me to come through around 9PM with some CDs to spin tonight. Definitely think I'll be doing that.

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