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04.02.02 03:13 PM

it's time to focus on me

Yesterday was definitely not a good day. I did some very unthinkable things. So what I got the mean old breakup blues...definitely not an excuse.

Haven't been smiling for a few days now, and barely slept last night. But I had to get all chipper and rosy for this interview I had today. It's a gig I really want, and really think that I'd be good at helping these folks to move in the direction that they would like to move in. But I don't know if I proved that, b/c I really wasn't at my brightest. More details on the gig when I know whether I got it or not.

So anyway, I put the smile on for the interview, but felt kind of lost in space b/c of my barely sleeping a wink last night. Tossing and turning and lamenting. Thinking of taking a bike ride today. The weather is nice. I mean there is no life if you're not living, right?

I think I have been allowing all of this work I have to do and the problems that were going on in the relationship b4 the official, final breakup serve as an excuse for just not enjoying life as I once had.

Speaking on living, in researching the topic of ageing, I came across some interesting ish on premature greying. First off, it's heredity. So I've definitely got that mark. Secondly, stress, bad diet, lack of exercise can contribute. Well, I'm two for two. Smoking may also be a factor. Well let's consider that as I have been writing more I have developed a nasty habit, in excess, while sitting at the keyboard. There's also some stuff about lack of vitamin B6 and Melanin. Well folks, I think I know what time it is. And what I have to do. As I stated before it's time to shift the paradigm. Got to get out of the box. Now.

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