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02.20.04 09:59 AM

racism in the blogoshpere

A recent article that appeared on, written by John Lee explores the issue of racism in the blogosphere, stating that both Gawker and Wonkette "continually joke about non-whites as marginalized second-class citizens."

George says, "Gawker and Wonkette don't have a race problem." While J. weighs in stating that the proof of racism offered in the article falls a little short. But then Prince Campbell kinda' agrees with the article.

I know you've probably already commented on the article and the two sites mentioned in it on other blogs already. But my question goes a little bit deeper. Does racism exist in the blogosphere? Have you experienced it firsthand?

What happens to (and in) the blogoshpere when attacks on race, gender, and sexual orientation occur? How far does it go? Who are the culprits? And should the culprits be chastised and/or educated?

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