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02.24.04 02:10 AM

ain't this some shiznit

somehow i ran up on this post at Da Ladiez of M.I.C. blog that references an interview i supposedly conducted with some folks at JMC Records. a visit to the JMC site displays said interview as an exclusive to the site and promises a part 2 and part 3 of the interview and links to online exlusives at, the site that most of you know i manage.

here's my problem, either i bumped my head and had a memory lapse or i drink too damn much, 'cuz to the best of my knowledge, this interview never went down. if it did, someone actually did this interview and fronted like they were me, or these cats are just hitting up my name and it's affiliation with the co. i work for to get a little shine. either way - it's so totally wack.

so what should i do about this?

addendum: i don't rightfully know that i can blame da ladiez of MIC site for this, because they picked it up from the JMC Records site, where this supposed exclusive seems to have originated and still bears my name on the article. da ladiez of MIC may have had no idea it was fraudulent.

it's kinda' funny someone asked me did i do this interview and forget that i did. ok, who would forget an interview they conducted? and secondly, the questions asked were not even asked in my voice nor was the entire interview written in my style. i don't even know enough about this company or its playas to have asked such questions in the first place.

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