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05.19.10 03:01 PM

Part 3: Lynne d Johnson on Code and Culture Switching

I've got a 3-part video interview featured on AgencySpy via MediaBeat, in conjunction with the Social Media conversation that I'm leading at MediaBistro Circus tomorrow.

What always scares me about doing video is you never know what's going to happen in the editing process or what it's going to end up looking like. When you do something live, I think people make a better connection with you than on video. I think a higher expectation comes into play with video. But at least they published them, right?. I guess that means they can't be all that bad.

This particular clip covers multicultural consumers and the challenges of marketing and advertising to those consumers -- to an extent anyway. For instance, I have a love/hate relationship with "Swagger Wagon," and we get into it a little bit here.

You Be The Judge:

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