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01.29.02 05:05 PM

New chapter in life

As I move into a new chapter in my life, I am faced with that question that has an ever changing answer. What do I want to be when I grow up? Not as if I'm not grown. It's just that the priorities keep shifting and readjusting. One day, you think your life's goal is one thing, and then another day, you're faced with opportunities that lead you in a whole new direction. I'm in that phase now. Writing, has not only been my bread and butter as of late, but it has been my lifeblood. The thing that revs me up in the morning. The thing that stirs and percolates my little engine. And while I write, mainly because I must, there are other things I want to do and can do. In the face of new challenges, I am rethinking my game plan.

Today I interviewed for a graduate student internship that would entail designing and developing instructional technology tools for community-based programs. How did I get here? To this place, I mean. This place that seems to have nothing to do with writing, being a critic or a journalist. (I'm asking myself this question now. Out loud.) It didn't happen by accident. I started computing back in the keypunch and Commodore 64 days, so the love of technology has always been there. I didn't really envision teaching technology, until offered an adjunct post at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. And now, in graduate school, I am building the foundation for a program that would teach high-tech media skills to inner-city girls. And also, as of late, I have become one of those folk who teaches computer skills in an Adult Education Center. So then, it makes sense that I am at this place. Now.

The thing about the digital divide that has always bothered me is that most folks are simply complacent to put computers in schools and in homes. But that would never be enough, and I never thought it would be. Once I interviewed bell hooks, and she said this whole technology push was nothing but another form of transnational capitalism. I can agree with her statement on some levels. As was said to me in my interview today, I believe folks should not only be trained to be consumers, but instead to be producers/creators/entreprenuers. I've written about this, and spoken about this. And now, finally, I am putting my words into action. Perhaps, I'll also get this internship and it will steer me in the direction that just might be my calling.

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