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01.29.02 10:40 PM

"Six million ways to die

"Six million ways to die
Choose one! (heh heh)
A what dem a try fi do
Try fi test me?
You waan test the rocket launcher?"
-- Cutty Ranks, "A Who Seh Me Dun (Wake De Man)"

It's late. I'm tired. I've had a long, hard trying week. But when I'm driving from the Boogie Down to Brook'nam, I know the road. I know that path with my eyes closed. So why dem fools onna de road wanna try fi test me? Tonight, my 30+ years flashed past my car window, as the dude on my left, realizing he was about to miss his exit, decided to change lanes. Smart move champ, you nearly rammed into the side of my car. Real. Smart. Move. Not only did he try to change lanes w/out looking in his blind spot, he switched over in a slow drag. Reckless fool. Yeah, so what I was cruising at about 65-70 MPH in the right hand lane. That in no way meant I should've been blind sided. All I wanted to do was get home.

If there are truly six million ways to die, dying by car crash would not be my choice. I would've been cursing up to my very last breath. I'd rather go out with a smile on my face.

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