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01.27.02 01:04 AM

just one of those weeks

It's been one of those weeks. Haven't had time to post anything. But thanks to George and BlueRobot I have a new look for the site. I don't want to talk about myself right now. What I've been doing or where I've been. I'd just like to make some media mentions. This whole Jay Z and Nas thing is really getting overdone now. The New York Press covered it this week, and there was a special on MTV and a feature on the music channel's site. Alright already. It's a shame that folks think this is the most interesting thing in hip-hop right now, when the real interesting thing is all the music that independent artists are putting out. I'll talk more about this later. For now, it's bed time. And I have to keep working on the site. All the pages have not received the makeover treatment yet.

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