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01.19.02 11:09 PM

mum's earth day

Today is the mum's earth day and I was supposed to go spend some time with her. But I had classes all day, and the snow held me back from driving all the way up to the tip of the Bronx. I hope tomorrow is really as nice as they say so I can go spend some time with her. I'm saying, I only have one mother, and she is getting older. Have to get all the quality time in that I can. This year I will be the age that she was when she had me, so today she turned twice my age. I'm not telling what it is, but I can say that I have started to gray just a bit. But then again, I have friends older than me that have absolutely no gray, so that's no real measure I guess.

Sometimes I really miss my Quadra 630. It's absolutely a nothing machine compared to the strawberry iMac I have now, but it was my first home computer. I remember having to use RAM Doubler just to have Quark and Photoshop open at the same time. It came with 4MB of RAM, and I installed 4 more and still had to double the memory. And once Zip came about, I ran a lot of programs off of that instead of off the machine. That's back when I used New York Online as my main email account, and there were so few Websites on the WWW. Those were the days. I remember trying Apple's email client/ISP, AOL, Compuserve, and Prodigy, and ended up hating them all. Guess that's why I'm an Earthlink girl today.

BTW, NYO was a great BBS. Omar Wasow, Internet Analyst for MSNBC and Executive Director, was behind that community. NYO's site was still up awhile ago, but it looks like it's just a server now. It also looks like Omar was trying to start a blog. NYO was like afrofuturism and scifinoir all rolled into one. I'm still looking for a group that discusses music in the way we once did on NYO, and I think I've got something quite like it in the Acid Jazz list. But I was formally on that list in earlier in the '90s, left and then came back again. So it's not like it's something I stumbled upon since 2000.

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