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08.17.05 12:04 AM

foxy .vs. kim, again

I was going to post a comparison/contrast piece about Lil' Kim and Foxy Brown in reference to "Lighters Up," and "Come Fly With Me," but emynd @ somanyshrimp already beat me to it. Great post.

I'd just add that Foxy Brown is of Trinidadian ancestry, which has influenced her dancehall-like lyrical flow since day 1. Also, Lil' Kim attempted to frolic over a Calypso beat on "No Matter What They Say," back in 2000. But as emynd intimated, Brooklyn's large Caribbean expat populataion plays a position, as does the ever-popular VP Records and Reaggaeton faction.

And don't we just hear Foxy taking all kinds of jabs @ Lil' Kim - she's using her ad libs, a similar cadence, and even barbs: "I'm a Bad Girl but I ain't signed to Puff." Lil Kim' sounds ready on Naked Truth: "Jacki-O proved you far from a fighter/ ... I'm not gonna come at you, I'm gonna come at your ghost writer."

Looks like it's time for an all out P-Cutta Street War. Anybody keeping score?

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