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08.19.05 06:15 PM

Friday Roundup: 10 Links In A Day

Friday Roundup: 10 Links (+ commentary) In A Day


Jessica points to Salon's article - "The F Word" - and further explores generational differences when it comes to claiming feminism.


Ambra Nykol muses that perhaps "Diddy" should retire since he hasn't had a hit in years. Though she's more disturbed by the media attention surrounding the shortening of his nickname.

In Is Rap Tomorro's Jazz?, By Thaddeus Russel, laTimes, the author explores the relationship between rap music and jazz utilizing this quote as the kick off of his commentary : "The young girls and boys who constantly take jazz every day and night are absolutely becoming bad, and some criminals," the (New York) Amsterdam News wrote in 1925." Link via negrophile.

Joe Schloss discusses why graffiti activity isn't - or shouldn't be illegal. Over 30 years, thousands - if not 100s of thousands - of art shows, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring not withstanding, and we still don't know whether graf is art.

Scott Poulson Bryant talks about Kanye denouncing homophobia in hip-hop on MTV. This could be the best move or the worst move for Kanye in terms of record sales. We all know the power of the gay mafia - so maybe it's a great move. (+ also see Keith Boykin on Hip Hop & Homosexuality.)

Del F. Cowie is loving Little Brother and links to their "Lovin' It" video. With all this love going around the Internet for Little Brother, let's just see if they do Snowman sales.


Melody reports that Ivy Queen (née Martha Ivelisse Pesante), the only woman to break into the male-dominated up-and-coming music genre that blends hip-hop with Latin and dance-hall reggae beats, has made her mark in the Latin music world as a bona fide reggaeton superstar.

Pop Culture

Kevin wonders if Bobbi Christina might need a little therapy. There was definitely something in last night's episode of Being Bobby Brown that suggested so.

Podcasts weekly SPINsider Podcast. This week features new music from Mobius Band, Shelby, Sons and Daughters, Koufax, Kid Icarus, and Moggs.

Visioncircle interviews Lynne d Johnson about the growth of hip-hop and about the role of gender in cultural production.

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