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08.16.05 12:33 PM

hip-hop hates me

looks like some kids got chips on their shoulders about Vibe's hip-hop bloggers list

in this post ian links to two places that have started threads about it

these discussions raise some important questions:

1. why do you read vibe if you think it's so wack?
2. if you don't care about lists, why are you talking about them so much?
3. why don't you create your own lists - if lists are so important to you? or better yet, make sure your blogroll only includes the blogs that you feel warrant the title "best hip-hop blog" (i know hashim created one somewhere, but i can't find it now. update: that was hiphopblogger's A-list of hip-hop blogs not Hashim's. sorry Hashim i credited that to you in this post)

now to be quite honest - i am not a hip-hop blogger - i often get pegged as such, b/c since 2001, on this site, i have been talking about music - and the music i most talk about happens to be hip-hop - and often i get pegged as a hip-hop feminist blogger b/c of this post, among others (but it ain't all i talk about or know)

y'alls beef w/Exo or the Vibe does not have to become beef w/the people who were listed there (post and write about who the best hip-hop bloggers are, and you can do that w/out spewing venom at the people who were included). this press release about The Mindset Army's takeover of exo's domain says:

"In the VIBE story, he paints a purposely skewed picture of hip-hop blogging and chooses to highlight only the hip-hop bloggers he was chummiest with, many of whom also happen to be low-level hip-hop journalists.">>>

i have a lot of respect for you young gunnahs representing hip-hop to the fullest on the Web. (and i can't forget the veteran). these types of blogs fill a void that the mainstream hip-hop media and music media leaves wide open - but truth is these hardcore nuhs running through my block representing hip-hop on some gangsta' ish wouldn't even consider a "hip-hop blog" real hip-hop, or would consider this hip-hop blog thing straight pussy, or even better as joey said don't even know wtf a hip-hop blog is or that they exist...

"With increasing regularity, I hear tales from friends about companies, organizations, and twenty-somethings that/who have absolutely no idea about what a blog is or "how they work." (Yeah, you just wind 'em up and they create buzz.) I have no fewer than three friends who didn't even know the word "blog." And I also read reports which claim that only two percent of households contain people who use syndicated site feeds. If so few people really know what blogs are and read them with such irregularity, those same people shouldn't be making bullshit lists.">>>

and finally in the words of T.I. (edited for my own purposes of course)

No doubt, it's all good, y'all just statin y'all opinion
But on the Web and in the hood it's understood without sayin
It's a given, and ain't because of what I'm doin for a livin
It's, mo' because of what I do and how I'm livin

I'm a Queen - just respect it and keep my name out'cha mouth

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