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07.27.04 06:12 PM

feeling that old school vibe

first off, please do cop pete rock soul survivor 2. cop that shit son. check out byroncrawford's review if you want, but trust me on this one - it's the hotness. you can check out some sample tracks at tunes.

and since i'm feeling on the old school tip today, here's a taste of both Nas and LL's old school flavors. these cats just can't leave their eras, huh?

here's LL hitting you with "Feel The Beat" and Nas with "You Know My Style."

ok, pete rock comes in first for making old school feel right, then nas does a second, and well James Todd should stick to acting at this point, especially since he's really got the hollywood look now (so much so we don't even know whether it's the workout plan or some sort of reconstruction or not).

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