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07.26.04 11:50 PM

why can't my iPod...

there's a load of things that i'd love for my iPod to be able to do. so what i'm still toting around (or should i say lugging) the 5 gigger, i'm still thinking future with this stuff.

for instance, the new airport express features the wonderful wireless ability to send music from your iTunes to any speaker system hooked up to the airport express. technically, you can play music from you iPod, that's of course if it's connected to your computer. but why won't you be able to wirelessly transmit music from the iPod to the airport express? overall, airtunes sounds like an excellent invention and i'm pretty amped and ready to test it out, but this post is about what i'd like my iPod to achieve.

i guess the other thing i'd love to do is record music directly from the stereo or even from the audio out of any device to a line in on the iPod. there's no line in on the iPod, and i'm almost certain i've seen some cracker software out there that works around this. i know it would be unsafe for Apple to even attempt this, being the leader in legal digital downloading there'd be some copyright battles to hurdle on that front i'm sure.

another thing i'd really love to be able to do with my iPod, and i was sure apple was going to announce this added feature, as opposed to the device getting thinner and taking on features of the mini, and of course a lower price.

i want to play video and record video on a handheld. archos seems to have taken the lead when it comes to these devices - the company is building up the line, and from what i've seen the resolution is pretty good. sony has its Giga Pocket and iRiver is stepping up with 3 players.

and though rumors abound, well they did before the fourth generations were released, but apple ceo steve jobs has been quotes as saying, "[The iPod] is about the music, stupid. You can't watch a video and drive a carů we're focused on music."

but wouldn't it be nice though? i don't mean watching a video while driving in your car, i mean being able to use an apple-created product to enjoy handheld video. prior to these new handheld DVRs that keep popping up, the main option for doing so was purchasing a selected number of handheld pcs loaded with windows media - and though i'm just as pc fluent as mac, my choice will be the creative user's choice every day.

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