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03.01.05 10:23 PM

experiments in blogging/journaling black

since i've been living in the dark lately, mainly dealing with issues related to work and personal life, i've missed out on a few developments that have been taking place

1. first there's afrodiary, which has been running since july 2001. it's launch date is a surprise to me, because these things are usually on my radar. the about section of afrodiary states:

" has been up and running since July of 2001. Its purpose is to provide a neat way to speak your mind and delve into the thoughts of others.
This site is maintained by Nick Scheiblauer, aka turgon, and the groovy afro design was created by Russ Duckworth. A lot of help and suggestions came from Becca, Deidre, and Sahar. Everything is running on a Linux machine using all Open Source software, adding a special degree of super funk groove to the mix.
Some usage guidelines:

* Enjoy yourself. That's what this is for.
* Write whatever you like in your journal. Obviously laws should not be broken.
* Pornographic images are not allowed.
* Harassment of other users is not permitted. This includes attempting to circumvent features of the site that are specifically designed to curb harassment, including but not limited to banning. This does not include getting into arguments with others where you get mad and name-calling ensues.
* Participate. Leave notes. Think. "

2. then there's kwire, "a social experiment that hopes to showcase, not debate, the myriad of complementary and opposing views found in the gamut of Black thought, identity and imagination.

It is a randomized feed reel of syndicated "black" blogs.They are not catergorize outside of title. This is an online social experiment and challenge to introduce yourself to a spectrum of black viewpoint and in some cases, darn good writing regardless of where you stand politically."

3. the black bloggers association was something i was emailed about, and then became refamiliar with through ronn back in jan, but am just now getting around to check it out. it looks like a lot of folks in my blogfam are over there doing something, and it kind of comes off the way that i had hoped the blogship would come off with hip-hop. it appears to be an aggregator as opposed to a central point that users have to ping.

and there are old faithfuls, such as

the niggerati network (an intellectual incubator community site for black folks), negrophile (an aggregator of data, articles, and blog entries from one who admires and supports black people and their culture) , vision circle (collaborative forward thinking), drylongso (news, political and cultural commentary, fiction, poetry, essays, interviews, contests, and events for thinking people of color.), electric skin ( focusing on articles that present new visions of art throughout the black diaspora), and hiphop blogs (a group weblog that covers hip-hop music and culture).

all of these experiments do much for bringing black bloggers (and those who think about black culture and issues) together in one space. group blog projects are often hard to keep going, but even for those experiments that don't end up working in the group format, there is a lot of thought provoking commentary and discussion going on. if there still exists the myth that black bloggers or of color bloggers don't exist, these projects set out to dispel that school of thought. being black and being a blogger does not always equate with a blogger who is black discussing only black-related issues and culture, but what it does mean is exactly all that's showcased by the various examples above.

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