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05.03.06 02:47 AM

early adoption can be a drag

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just as i was going on hiatus, and getting ready to enjoy the full benefits of my tmobile mda i realized that i have early adopted (way too early) once again.

so just as i was testing all of those pocket pc phones i wrote about here, i fell in love with the features of the mda and ordered one as soon as i could. though i use both mac and pc at work, at home, i'm a full-fledged mac user. well much to my dismay, there appears to be no sync app for windows mobile 5 edition for a mac, at least not yet. mark/space products has an alpha release and pocketmac says that windows mobile 5 support is coming soon. of course if i were a pc user, activesync 4.1 would already be an option. in fact, i could already be enjoying gameboy advance on my device if i used a pc. and then again, if i had a symbian-based phone it would most likely sync out-the-box with isync on my mac.

my current dilemma, of course, reminds me of when i first purchased my sidekick II. at that point, i didn't even have a clue of what to do to sync with iCal or Address Book on my Mac. at first i found ical to sidekick and address book to sidekick. eventually i found the missing sync for hiptop over at mark/space products. the first rev worked through isync and the second, and one i'm using currently, works as a separate app. this app has been ideal for what i need to do and i recommend it to anyone using a sidekick and a mac.

right now, i just can't figure out whether i need to return the mda, or sit and wait until either mark/space or pocketmac come up with a solution for people like me.

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