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05.02.06 03:13 PM

mini hiatus

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I'm on mini hiatus, and though it won't take too long, there's a few things i've got to do before posting anything substantial. following are either reasons i'm on hiatus or things i need to accomplish.

1. i've started many posts the past few months that i've never completed

2. my comments appear to not be working properly and it pisses me off every time someone IMs or emails to tell me so (it doesn't piss me off that they tell me, it pisses me off that i'm missing out on commentors) - which brings me to #3

3. i'm still on MT 3.121 and really need to upgrade to 3.2

4. my new site design has been ready for months and i haven't updated it yet

5. i got a tmobile MDA and really need to spend some time learning to use it

6. i really have to start using skype

7. i've got a couple of outlets pursuing me for book ideas and i haven't completed any book proposals yet

8. i've got more speaking engagements coming up

and who knows what else...

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