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05.09.06 03:55 PM

i'm a plaxo junkie

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for a long time i wasn't a fan of plaxo. i don't know why.

i think it was because of those annoying emails automatically sent from someone's address book asking me to update my information. but recently, between switching mobile devices and using various computers at work and at home, i needed to get on the ball with a solution. besides i also needed to separate work contacts from personal contacts, and all of this information was becoming too difficult to manage, especially since i had a lot of duplicates in every location.

i first started by getting all of my contacts from all of my old address books (mac 0s 9 outlook and handspring visor) and importing them into the plaxo online tool. this is when i first ran into the difficulty of duplicate contacts. but i first needed a method of bringing all of these contacts into one place and having them updated.

as i started to perform the updates, i noticed that many people i knew were also using plaxo and finding me easily once i signed on. and eventually many of my contacts responded to my annoying email asking them to update their information with plaxo.

soon, i needed to get rid of those duplicates and have access to support, since i'd been having trouble importing contacts from my mac os x address book. somehow i couldn't get the vcard to import into placo online. so i paid for premium services and started with simple things like sending out e-cards for birthdays. then i started using the "fix duplicates" feature and it worked pretty easily.

and, since purchasing the tmobile mda and actually being able to access the plaxo wap site (unlike with my sidekick II that didn't use a real web browser), i really started seeing the benefits of plaxo and wanted to utilize it a lot more for contact management.

today, i had plaxo support remotely install the plaxo for mac application to sync with my adddress book on my computer at work, and i'll do the same on the mac at home later. when i was just using plaxo online, i was only touching the surface of contact management. the sync really extends the capabilities.

the big relief for me though, is that now i'll also be able to manage and locate contacts on my mobile device (via the wap site) without having to worry whether the mobile device's address book is up-to-date.

god, i'm such a geek.

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