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11.17.06 10:44 PM

Another Blackberry Clone

nokia_e62.jpg So maybe it isn't fair to call the new Nokia E62 a Blackberry clone. As we all know, Nokia phones are far superior to most others. But it's just that every time I turn around, there's a new phone out emulating the style of the Blackberry, with similar features, hoping to become that next crack for the business set. Oh yes, and I forgot about the hip-hop crowd.

First there was Motorola's Q, and most recently there was Tmobile's Dash. But as a Mac user, I'm becoming less and less attracted to smartphones that use Windows Mobile technology. There's not a lot in it for me, unless I am syncing to an exchange server or intend to use Mark Space's Missing Sync for Windows Mobile. And while upgrading from a Sidekick II to a Tmobile MDA was a major improvement -- and definitely more grown and sexy -- there are often times when I feel the MDA just isn't all I'd hoped it to be. It's often sluggish, and the email triggers don't always work, though I've often found that the Wi-Fi connection keeps the device active better than GPRS does. And that's weird, because GPRS kicks ass.

But on with the Nokia E62. Since I haven't actually played with it yet, all I have to go by is what I've seen and read, like Engadget for one. But overall, it's definitely Mac compatible, as it plays both MP3 and AAC files. Running on Symbian OS, makes it a definite companion to the Mac OSX environment.

Yet I'm not switching just yet. Of all of these devices, the slimmest I've seen is the Tmobile Dash, and I've already said I'm not totally wedded to Windows Mobile 5. I'm also not so sure how much a fan I am of a QWERTY keyboard that makes typing with two hands a sure bet for getting arthritis in the thumbs. If someone could just come out with something like the SIdekick or MDA that slimmer and weighs less, and runs on Symbian OS -- I'd be all over it. I haven't seen it yet. But that doesn't mean it's not out there.

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