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06.06.06 08:24 PM

q is so sexy

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quibian salazar-moreno probably got fooled by the title of this post, but i'm not talking about him right now. no not that q. i'm talking abou the sexy, sleek moto q.

it's one of those toys that all the cool kids want to have - or should have. i know i shouldn't, i only recently purchased a tmobile mda. but one of the cool kids who already has one is evan rifkin, president of tagworld. i oughta know, i touched his yesterday. but seriously, i was like a kid in a candy store --- my eyes lit up when i saw it in his hand as i reached out to place it in my own. and that's all i wanted to do was touch it. to actually play with it would've been like having too much too soon. sometimes all it takes is the foreplay.

the device feels and looks like a real innovative piece of technology -- a cross between a blackberry and any pocket pc on the market. it's sexiness factor comes from being the progeny of the razr of course. let's hope moto didn't put form ahead of function and that the q is just as useful as it is good looking.

maybe the next time i run across one i'll actually do more with it than just hold it.


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