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09.05.03 01:12 AM

and so it is redux...

As taken from the comments of the post below and duly amended...

Hey folks, I'm here. Just back from a week long respite in ATL where I visited my baby love and the men of DIC, and my airline ticket broker - him. If you don't know who this dynamic crew of bloggers from HOTLANTA is by now, you better ask somebody. It was all about maxing and relaxing and continuing the self-mastery. So though I'll be back to posting again soon, it'll be a minute. Gotta' get re-acclimated to the daily jig (and no I didn't mean gig).

I have to say that I'm a lil bit perplexed by the different reactions I got to the last post, but I expected to be. One person thought perhaps I didn't have a boyfriend and was lonely, and another thought I was sad or sounded depressed, and another thought...Oh well forget it.

Most of you were right on point. And basically it was an interpret as you see fit kinda' deal. But here's what I feel was the point of the post. Sometimes I find myself feeling like a zombie as if I'm just going through motions with life leading me...instead of being in touch with my spiritual faculties and getting out of life what's proper for me. That's all the post was about. How can you know your purpose if you are not quiet for a moment of time? If there is always your voice or the distractions and sounds of others, then there is always interference. It's like the signals the radio or TV pick up and then things just don't sound right. Quiet is like meditation or focusing inward, it's when that signal drops. The post was about my noticing, that often times, we as humans, have too many criticisms and opinions of others and things and I wanted to step back from that. A step back from the to speak. I also wanted to pull away from my external self and get in touch with my internal self. You know the real self, without the ego on my shoulder telling me what to think. In other words the materialist in me often seeks spirituality.

Put it this way, if you know anything about Zen, Buddhism, Sufism, Metu Neter, The Secret Science, et. al. then you know what I'm going through right now. Nothing forced me here. No terrible thing happened. It was just time to take a step back and instead of being a player, well, if the metaphor is going to work correctly here, then I guess, I decided I needed to be the playwright.

Something told me that sharing would or could be conflicting for myself and for others. See I knew there was a reason I was afraid to share. Folks I am not about to slit my wrists. I just want the spiritual me to project a lil more...and spiritual does not mean religious so don't get it twisted. It's about balancing mind and body .... will and intent. It's about knowing that the most basic function, breathing in and breathing out, can enable a little somethinig called clarity. Instead of putting colors all over the picture to dilute (better yet over dramatize and unrealistically beautify) the reality, I want to see it in black-and-white for a spell.

As an aside, I just switched webhosts so I don't know when the domain will point to the new location. And I bought some new domains, and, which for the time being will be parked at, that is until I can find or find time for something else to do with them. So if it takes more than a week for me to post again, don't worry about a sistah' ... I'm growing...inside...and hopefully it's enabling me to spread a lil' light on the outside.

In my absence, check my links, perhaps some of the other bloggers I'm linked to might interest you. If that's not enough, search my diary archive, or check out some of the other pages on this site, linked on the left nav over there. I write in other places too, you know. And for those of you who've been around a minute waiting for me to unleash that site design that's been sitting in development forever, or hoping I hook up with Donald to give this joint a face lift, maybe when I return...I'll have something in store. Then again, if you've been following me long enough, you know there are times when I say I won't be around here posting that I end up being most prolific. Two years + is a long time to continue trying to churn out something fresh and interesting, even if no one else was reading. Aight, I'm ghost.

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