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09.05.03 11:55 PM

breaking and entering

I've got a peeve of the day. Let's call it the bad luck car. First off, I own a '91 Mazda MX6, that looks a little like this car, except it's kind of silvery grayish. Yep, I have nice rims and I also have a spoiler. Put it this way, it was a pretty average car that my sister owned and gave to me a few years back when she opted for a Jeep Grand Cherokee (she now owns a Dodge Durango). Anyway, not to digress, I got rear-ended a few years back and that's when I put the spoiler on and got a nice paint job. Pretty much after that, I had so many break-ins, window, and mirror crashings, that I kind of gave up on my weekly car wash and wax, along with shined-up tires. My CD-changer was stolen from the trunk and the lock was jacked up, so I put a lid on the lock. Another time, I suppose it was a crack head, broke in and tried to enter the trunk through the back seat. I've had clean-up rags and laundry detergent stolen from the trunk, and then sun glasses and cell phone adapter from the glove box, not to mention a slew of other things. Well, the heat was off for quite some time, especially since there is so much double parking around here during alternate side of the street parking days that the car just doesn't look as appealing as once before - a few bruises here and there. The city of New York broke my passenger side lock during towing, when they tried to jimmy it once, and that some door, I'm supposing a crack head again (do they still exist?) tried to dig out the handle and lock. To say the least it's been quiet, I think now, for at least the past year or two. That was until tonight.

I let my bro borrow the car and he called me to report that a cup of either tea or coffee had been dropped very close to my car, the passenger side lock had been dug out, the door is permanently unlocked, and said tea or coffee was spilled in the car. One thing I can say is that they stole nothing. I have an alarm. Had to get a new one since the one my sister gave me the car with went on the blitz. And they couldn't get my CD player this time, 'cuz I got a one-disc that's in a face-out system. But I think they thought the radio was in there. The frame around the removable face plate, has been faulty at best. But recently I had a guy glue it in place, b/c the jerks who installed it didn't cut a new hole in the dash for it, but instead just slammed the new radio's back-end into the existing hole. Hey, I'm glad nothing's missing. Not my new speakers, nothing from the glove box. Though it does look like this person tried to remove my Buddha and Ethiopian flag colored tassel from around the rear view mirror. Bet they thought Buddha was more than simply a fragrance stone. I do feel violated though and tomorrow morning I have to go out and spend money to either get a new lock and handle soldered
into the door or just completely shut the damn thing up. I am still utterly baffled that a crack head had time to drink tea or coffee while completley pulling out my door lock, and not one person saw this individual. But hey, that's life in BK, when parking on the streets. Perhaps it's time I invest in that monthly parking now, huh? Or perhaps power locks. But damn, my car isn't even all that pretty anymore...

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