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07.24.03 10:26 PM

who said size matters?

PowerBook G4
I'm doing just fine with tweleve inches.

It's the new gift from the grind, but the only thing is I'll probably be expected to do a lot more work now. I'm looking to name her, and I'd love your assistance, so please post some suggestions in the comments.

Speaking of size not mattering and well, suggestions, though only averages about 85 visits a day and 159 page views per day, and A day in a life. --- The diary/blog portion of the site only averages 34 visits per day, the folks blogging over at Ms. Magazine must think I'm pretty special. ms. musings: A daily journal on women, media and culture, solicited readers' suggestions for blogs written by women after reading a New York Times article about the lack of media attention female bloggers receive. On July 23, Ms. took reader's suggestions and added an extensive list of womnen's blogs that cover politics, current events, feminism, culture and technology. I'm listed under Arts & Culture.

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