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06.18.02 08:48 PM

we live in Brooklyn baby

Missed NYC blogapalooza on Friday, but didn't even know about it until I saw Ronn's post. I was wondering what the organizers of this event did to promote it, since most of the NYC bloggers I know (most of them black folks) didn't know about it until the last minute. Was it an event for a specific group of blogging friends? And why wasn't it promoted through NYC Bloggers? When I hooked up with Trayc for brunch and drinks in Ft. Greene on Sunday we discussed this and other random topics. Funny how the virtual world can bring folks who live practically across the street from one another together. Although we did a lot of sharing about our exes, we took some time to brainstorm about doing a possible Web project together. You better keep your eyes peeled, because if it pops off it'll be something hot brilliant.

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