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03.14.05 04:03 PM

these r my impressions...

post the blogging while black panel...

some of these statements could come from the core of my very soul, but then some of them could be made up

much like curriculum of inclusion - the dominant culture is open to inclusion and/or diversity - but at the end of the day aren't really going to spend the time to do the research required to find the "others"

when the dominant culture does have a fascination with the other, and the other is black, it's always the big bad black "negro" or the tragic mulatta who become the core of the obsessions

the dominant culture always thinks that race shouldn't matter b/c we're all so diverse now and therefore the dominant culture feels that those of color are obsessed with the concept of race and need to stop talking about it so much (if we are all so diverse then please - do tell me the last time you had a person of color over for dinner?)

white folks should never ever tell black folks that they did a good job at anything or that they speak well - most of the time black folks will be suspicious of this statement and are unable to see its genuineness for belief that you mean "you did well for a black person"

i'm sure i could come up with more of these, but i'm taking a break for now

go to full circle to read a blow-by-blow of SXSW: Bloggine While Black

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