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03.13.05 02:37 PM

dancing while black

The title of this post is kind of a personal joke between Jason and I, but if you read his LAist post, you might figure out just why.

And boy it was good to see DJ Mel again. Finally got to hear him spin live, and as he was cutting it up, Jason and I were 1-2 stepping the night away.

I also enjoyed dinner with the crew, and ran into Tiffany in the lobby, after a walk around town with Cecily.

Later after getting my eagle on at the film party, engaged in random conversation with two enlisted young army men about America's supposed spread on peace - but more on that later.

About to be late for the Gladwell Keynote, so I gotta' fill you in on yesterday's details and my observations later. Maybe I should take my copy of Tipping Point for him to sign, but rather it be my copy of Blink. Awww - I'm not a writer groupie - I'll leave the book in the room.

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