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07.22.02 02:10 AM

the incognegro speaks

Posts are going to be a little scarce from now until school ends. I just don't have the time to think about anything other than school right now, and getting this project off the ground at work. Things have been so hectic, I didn't even make it to Macworld on Friday as I had hoped I would. As for "A Day In A Life," I'll be around with little posts here and there, commenting on my life and things I read, watch, and hear.

For instance, ran across this new online community and e-zine that is dedicated to the underground. Some of my loyal readers, I know, will be very interested in it. It's called Get Underground. Here's a bit of what the site has to say about itself: is a new sub-mainstream arts and culture community. A cooperative of upcoming writers and artists with the kind of technical and design support rarely found outside the bastion of traditional corporate rags. Unlike small e-zines, aims to be a very robust professional-level community in design, consistency and content. Unlike the corporate rags, we are seeking to create a community of contributors and editors who are consistently and directly involved in the content and vision of

Our focus is on the personal and experimental. We are interested in writings and arts related more to personal impressions and experimental visions/techniques than to political or social reporting, commentary or art. Not that we think there's no place or purpose in these types of writings, it's just that we're more interested in the impact of the political and social on the individual then we are in the debate over public policy.

Also, DJ Spooky has up a test issue of his latest project, a magazine called 21c. He's hard at work on bringing it to the print arena. I haven't had the time to check it out like he asked, but maybe you will. MTV mentioned it in a news blurb on the 18th, reporting that Spooky says the magazine is a cross between WIRED and ARTFORUM. They both, Get Underground and 21c, sound like fascinating projects.

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