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07.22.02 08:44 PM

work it out

I am no fan of Destiny's Child. In fact, I often make fun of them. My boy afflicted, jokingly of course, once said he was going to make a T-shirt, which read, "Beyonce is Wise." I said I would proudly wear it, in jest. B/c after once hearing she and Nelly present on an awards show, I had decided that neither of them were too bright. Beyonce's riffing patterns also consistently and constantly work my nerves. She does that black church sanging thang, but just a little too much. So I began a crusade. I watched every time they were on TV. The making of each video. Learning the new songs with my niece. All of this so I could spoof, and say, "Beyonce is Wise, all hail Beyonce Knowles." And then...

OK, so she isn't so stoopid. I once heard her say that she was working hard now and putting out as much music as she can so she doesn't have to work when she gets old. That's right, she wants to collect the cheddar now and get out the game later, and then live happily ever after. And now, she is diversifying herself. She has one of those Loreal makeup contracts. She starred in that hip-hop version of Carmen Jones, and will play Foxxy Cleopatra, CIA agent, alongside Mike Meyers in Austin Powers: Goldmember.

I don't know whether you have heard her song for the movie or whether you've seen the video, but I have to say that I am really digging it. Ever since I first saw it last week, I can't stop thinking about it. And trust, it is a hard thing for me to admit. The Tina Turner thing she has working is hella' sexy, as is the newfound way she's rocking her tresses. To top it off, the song is really funkalicious. I ain't even mad at her for yelling out, "Break it down now." Actually that is my favorite part of the song. It is so realistic in terms of catching the flavor of 70s funk. Now it is not that she crafts the best lyrics in the industry, but somehow, be it daddy or her own vision, there is a perfect match between production and her voice.

"Work it Out" video snippet in Real or Windows Media.

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