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01.13.05 11:35 PM

the big web takeover

One could wonder why Def Jam owns the domain, but does not own the domain One could wonder further about the owner of the domain, a C. Williams (Crosley Rec.) who resides in ATL and what his connection to your boy T.I. might be. 'Cuz anyone googling Ludacris, who might find, the def jam site in the #1 position on any given day, believe that the domain isn't going to be far behind.

Now here's the hack.

We all know of the beef 'tween Luda and T.I., or former beef as it's been put forth by T.I. - a skit on a Luda joint, a lyric or two on a T.I. mixtape, the disses on the Game's song. But when someone is gully enough to put an iframe on that calls up to appear on that main index page, one has to wonder if in fact the beef has come to a rest.

That's just so gangsta'.

Someone probably got fired behind not checking on the expiry of that domain too.

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