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01.10.06 09:27 PM

sidekick III betta release soon


I'm a loyal sidekick user. For me it was gullier than a Black Berry and more intuitive for folks who used two-ways or handheld games. What made it sexier for me, was that I could use it with a Mac, especially once there was the Missing Sync For Hiptop for synching iCal and Adress Book. Yet, I'm losing a little love over how many youth have taken to the device now that the price is down. And the lack of Bluetooth is just so not hot, and so '05 possibly even so '04. The BlackBerry 8700 Series (8700r and 8700c) is looking sweeter to me, even though it's only available on Rogers Wireless and Cingular. Even though every suit in NYC has a BB on the train. This device is quite impressive. But then again the new Palm Treo 700w is powered by Windows Mobile and plays music and videos. You'll probably get more bang for your buck there.

I've seen a few photos of what the prototype for Sidekick III looks like (including product map photos from gizmodo and engadget), and to be quite honest, the device doesn't look much different. The only thing I've heard that will make it serve its users better is the addition of bluetooth technology and that it will be audio and video enabled.

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