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01.10.06 03:19 PM

apple unveils macbook pro

Of all the Apple announcements, the one that I find most interesting is the new Powerbook called MacBook Pro. Though for several reasons, I'd wait at least 6 months to a year before I'd think about purchasing one.

The first exciting thing about MacBook Pro, is that it's the first laptop to include Apple's Front Row and Remote. Now you can control your media from anywhere in the room while using your Apple laptop.

One of the major problems with Apple's laptop technology is that the machines are relatively slow, that is at least when compared with the computing power you can get with many PC laptops. The new Intel Core Duo boasts 1.83GHZ. Now we're getting lightning fast.

iChat's videoconferencing features when used with iSight has been a great feature for some time, but with MacBook Pro an iSight camera is built into the laptop. It'll be even easier to video blog.

iLife '06 builds upon iLife '05, but it's not just about photo organizing, making movies, music, or burning DVDs anymore. With '06 there is iWeb, a new tool that enables users to create web sites, podcasts, and blogs all from within the core components of iLife. iWeb features built-in templates for site and blog building, and creates RSS feeds for sites and podcasts. The podcats feeds can be automatically submitted for inclusion in iTunes Podcast library. There's full integration to bring any elements created or stored in Garage Band, iTunes, iDVD, iPhoto, iMovie, into iWeb for publishing on your site.

As for other announcements made today:

I am not very interested in iWork '06. I wasn't interested in the last version that came with Tiger. I have found Keynote or Pages useful for any of the work I do, just because it is incompatible with any Adobe, Windows, or Macromedia products.

The iPod Radio Remote seems cool, but Griffin Technologies already has iFM that can also be used as a recording device.

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