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06.17.05 12:40 PM

retirement ain't eazzzzy

I know I said I was on hiatus, but when I turn on the radio and hear Jay-Z on all these tracks: he's on Memph Bleek, he's on Foxy, he's on a Mike Jones remix, and you know he had to get down with your boy Kanyezy

click to listen to the diamonds remix

  1. listen to kanye's verse - too controversial for tv/radio?
  2. do we really need both lil wayne and kanye metering their lines like jay-z does?
  3. are we ready for jay-z to make another album?

in addition, i just had to tell you that i purchased bloc party's silent alarm yesterday over at itunes along with kem's album II - see i'll spend money on music if it's worth it

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